What is Separation Anxiety ?
It is a fear of being left alone.

# Does your dog/ puppy bark or howl every time you leave him /her alone?

# Have they started destroying your furniture ?

# You come home to find your beautiful leather sofa shredded and chewed.

# Are they starting to toilet in the home, when previously house trained?

# When was the last time you went out for the day? (When even nipping to the corner shop results in your dog howling).

# Do you find yourself apologising to your neighbours, or worse, have you been reported for noise?

Have you tried everything, but nothing has worked, or even made things worse.

 Has your dog injured himself in his panic to find you?

Have you had to visit the vet due to his injuries?

Have you had to replace furniture, window and door frames, even carpet and flooring?

Do you employ dog sitters, or perhaps day care ?

The cost is soon adding up!

Do you remember that dream of having a dog?
Country walks,
Cuddles on the sofa.
Your best friend welcoming you home after a hard day at work.

Now your reality is

Not even able to take a shower.
Have a coffee with friends.
Having to take your dog everywhere with you.
You dread coming home!

What do you dream of ?

  • Do you want to have a normal life without worrying about your dog ?
  • Does it really upset you to see how much your dog is suffering?
  • Is it affecting your close relationships?
  • Maybe you are even starting to resent ever bringing your dog home
  • Can you remember when you could just put your coat on and go?

With my full support and my step by step training,
you can get your freedom back. 

It may not be Separation Anxiety !
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How to get started is simple. Take that first step to getting your life back.

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Our chance to get to know each other and for you to share your struggles.
Find out how I can help you and your dog and  whether we are a good fit for working together for possibly 6 weeks.
 I am here to Listen. not judge.
After our chat, and you want to proceed you can book your assessment session and have a look at the programmes available (Step 2) 


After our chat this is step 2.
During our chat I will have mentioned booking an assessment session.
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All Separation Anxiety Training is done via Zoom.

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