What is unique about Doreen & A2B Separation Anxiety Training 

Full support is given throughout our time together and I will be there for those moments when you need me.
You are  never alone  with
Home Alone.
Your own Separation Anxiety expert in your pocket. 

Trained by Julie Naismith " Be Right Back" and using her step by step  methods, that are scientifically proven to be effective to helping dogs recover from separation anxiety.
Hundreds of dogs have benefited from these tried and tested training programs using desensitisation.  

The training is all done remotely via Zoom, whatsapp and implementing Julie's unique training app).

 (Although UK based, because all the training is done remotely, there are no restrictions to where you are in the world)

The most important part of your training programme is the Consultation Assessment.

It gives me the opportunity to observe your dog , which then gives a base line from where to start our training plan.  

Always ensuring that he/she never feels anxious or scared.  
The treatment plan can start instantly, (using  the unique App to set your plan) along with the first steps for you getting your life back again.
Knowing that your dog now has the best chance ever to recover from Separation Anxiety.

Doreen will always put you and your dog or puppy's wellbeing first and foremost.
She knows how distressing Separation Anxiety is for your beloved dog and for you and your family.  

Doreen will never judge and you will always be treated with empathy and the deepest of care.
She has helped many dogs and owners, and specialises in dogs with anxiety and nervous behaviours.
Her passion  comes from her own rescue dogs, which then led her into studying, qualifying and continually educating herself, so she can pass her knowledge and expertise onto the pet parents  and the dogs and puppies she works with.

 Doreen only uses reward based methods, and belongs to professional bodies that ensure she works within their codes of practice.