Frequently Asked Questions

The term Separation Anxiety is commonly used to describe any undesirable behaviours your dog shows when left alone.
It is actually easier to describe it as " Separation Related Behaviour" as not every dog will show the exact same behaviour as they are all individual beings with their own emotions and ways to cope under stress.  
Some of these behaviours are listed below.
Damaging exit points
 Causing self injury
It can be one of the most difficult behaviours to resolve and for pet parents to cope with.

All my Separation Anxiety Training is competed on line using zoom.
This means there are no distractions for your dog and of course they would not be home alone if I was sitting in your living room.
All you need is a phone/laptop that you can record video on. Some people already have simple cameras set up to observe their dogs.  
During the training we need to monitor your dogs training exercises.
My programmes include the use of a web based app that you can add to your phone. A fantastic way to help you with your training plan, to keep a record of previous training and gives you a structure that is simple to follow.

It is an investment in you and your dog's future.
How much expense have you paid out already?
Not just financially but emotionally too.
I have programmes that range from 1 week to 8 weeks depending on your needs. I invest fully in your training, and you have me with you every step of the way. Whether you need daily support via a telephone chat or whatsapp message, or weekly check ins, it doesn't matter.
What matters is that I am there fully supporting you throughout our time together.

 I do recommend a minimum of 4 weeks to get the most out of the programme.
Then if you proceed alone, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to continue. If you need more sessions, then we simply continue onto 4 more weeks.
There is also a programme that you can go solo, keeping the app and having monthly checkins. (only available after completion of a programme)  
You do need to book an assessment consultation prior to purchasing a programme. (unless booking the one week programme as the assessment is part of the programme)
The assessment can help me identify just what support you need.
Even if you choose not to continue onto a programme, you will have gained a lot of insight, and ways to help you and your dog.
Every programme has a payment plan to help you spread the cost.

Like any behavioural struggles there is no quick fix. I wish there was.
 Every dog is an individual, every family is unique, every home, routine, environment is different.
This is why we cannot put a time on resolving Separation Related Behaviours.
I can tell you that you need to be thinking in months rather than weeks.
Your dog is the one that sets the pace.
There can be many ups and downs, but remember, I will be there, fully supporting you.
You will never feel alone.
There will be some dogs that no matter what we do, will never recover fully, but there are also many hundreds of dogs using this scientifically proven method that do recover.
That's what keeps me motivated to help the families and dogs that live with this horrible condition, and help them get their lives back.

 Is it ever to late to start this training? ..................................................
It is never too late or to early too start this training.